Mathematics Personal Statement

This Personal Statement contributed to her successful application to study Mathematics at University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and University of Edinburgh; Actuarial Science at London School Of Economics; and MORSE at University of Warwick.

Mathematics never ceases to fascinate me with its beauty, versatility and ubiquity. Since young, I was instilled with a burning passion in mathematics by my mother, a mathematics graduate. Encountering Diophantus’s riddle during childhood had dawned upon me how intriguing mathematics is, which motivated me to ask questions and explore answers leading to the ultimate mathematical truth. Gauss once mentioned, “the enchanting charms of this sublime science reveal only to those who have the courage to go deeply into it.” What piqued my interest is that mathematics is quintessential in the real world primarily in statistics and economics. After attending Actuary Today, an actuarial event which introduced me to the fundamentals of risk management, game theory and probability and their applications in solving real life problems, I was utterly enthralled to further develop my genuine interest in Mathematics.

The euphoria after conquering a challenging problem has kept me constantly seeking to delve deeper into the mathematical world. I relish the joy of satisfying my intellectual curiosity, hence I always search for different sources of learning mathematics, be it through printed titles, e-books, video lectures, mathematical forums or problem solving sites. Having read “Fermat’s Last Theorem” by Singh, I was amazed by the rich mathematical history and the way mathematical ideas are blended to form the recipe for solving a legendary problem. Reading  “A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics”  left me craving for more on Number Theory as I indulged in additional research on Mobius function and Euler’s totient function, which attracted me due to their elegance. I was Champion in the National Sunway A level Maths and Logic Challenge, individual Second runner-up in the National Mathematics Olympiad (Senior Category), and I ranked No. 1 nationally in the Euclid Mathematics Contest this year. Tackling STEP problems independently has been fruitful due to their unpredictable nature, which gives me immense pleasure.

The three-year experience of attending Malaysia International Mathematical Olympiad selection camp was enlightening as I was able to interact with brilliant young minds and learn from mathematicians. We enrich ourselves through appreciating the beauty of mathematics and its elegant solutions to complex problems. Solving non-routine Maths Olympiad problems trains me to view things from different perspectives and strategize meticulously. Moreover, I facilitated a Maths Olympiad preparatory course by helping students from different walks of life in  developing problem solving techniques. I was also entrusted with the responsibility of preparing my high school mathematics teammates for competitions. By teaching others, I learn to communicate effectively through elucidating complex concepts, which  consolidates my understanding in mathematics.

I was the founder of the Prefects’ Soup Kitchen community service project and consequently received the prestigious Excellent Leadership Award in high school. As Vice President of Science and Mathematics Society, I was proactive in sparking students’ interest in Science and Mathematics. Being Young Enterprise Finance Director and Student Council Sports Council Manager has taught me the importance of commitment and teamwork while utilizing microeconomics knowledge and event management skills. Joining Model United Nations has shaped me into an organized and logical thinker. Despite  many activities, I am able to manage stress and time efficiently. Outside of school, I enjoy playing piano, in which I have achieved grade 8, as well as swimming and playing netball, all of which highlight my healthy study-life balance.

Aspiring to chart my path to a successful mathematical career, I look forward to studying mathematics at university level with unwavering determination because the thirst for advanced mathematical knowledge prompts me to discover its marvels and become a profound thinker.

DISCLAIMER: The personal statements on this site are strictly meant as a starting point to give an idea of how successful personal statements look like. There is no surefire formula to writing good personal statements. COLLEGELAH IS STRICTLY AGAINST PLAGIARISM OF ANY KIND. UCAS employs a plagiarism check system that checks applicants’ work against other published writing so please DO NOT PLAGIARISE.

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