Actuarial Science Personal Statement

This Personal Statement contributed to his successful application to read Actuarial Science at London School of Economics, University of Manchester, City University London, University of Warwick and Heriot-Watt University

Growing up to be a son of a lecturer, I have always been able to attain answers for all my questions but there is one question my father refused to answer, which is “What am I going to pursue in the future ?”. Instead he replied calmly that the question is based on my heart’s true desire and is also one that I need to figure out by myself. During the festive season, the game of cards is far from an uncommon sight. As I have an inquisitive mind, it was then that I discovered the beauty of mathematics precisely statistical probabilities. That keen interest back in those days had presently transformed into a mature passion towards the scope of statistics. Thus, it has been my goal and desire to pursue Actuarial Science degree from a renowned university overseas. The core principle of this subject is generally simple; solving problems by assessing risk in a particular field.

In line with the complexity of the world, I firmly trust versatility and flexibility are the key to enhance my knowledge, developing my personality and also strive for success. The Chaos Theory and Stochastic Financial Models studies have become one of my deepest interest as it is very realistic and useful. Therefore, I decided to enlighten myself  by reaching out to various resources such as reading Actuaries’ Survival Guide book by Fred E.Szabo which explains the attitudes an actuary should acquire. Besides, visiting websites like Wolfram Alpha and viewing actuaries blogs helps me in terms of probability analysis and even explanation of statistical theories. Moreover, I attended YEALS, a talk given by the top successful entrepreneurs of Malaysia such as CEO of Tune Talks, Jason Lo.

My main priority in schools and college is always to maintain a balanced lifestyle between academic and co-curricular activities whilst gearing myself with leadership qualities as well as reaching out to the community. To begin with, I was elected the President of  Interact Club where I developed my professional and leadership skills. Our main goals are to emphasize respect for the rights of others, promote ethical standards and provide opportunities for young people to address the concerns of our community and the world. Teamwork and understanding between delegates are essential during conferences or group meetings to voice out all opinions and reaping a decision regarding a particular issue.

Furthermore, I have served as the Scout Troop Leader, English Club treasurer, and also the secretary of my sports house. During this period, I realized being a leader isn’t about ordering others, but it is about recognizing  how to leverage on the individual’s strengths in achieving a greater result. Besides that, I consider myself as an individual who enjoys mental stimulation. As my passion for Mathematics requires regular revisions and exercise, I have actively engaged in mathematical competitions and quizzes such as Mathematics Olympiad, MSU & PTPL explorace and also successfully becoming champion in the Mathematics explorace district-level twice in a row. By learning Further Mathematics, stumbling upon complex problems is imminent. Despite that fact, performing multiple attempts until the problem is solved is satisfying as I reckon it to be a sound pedagogy.

The opportunity of lightening my parents burden financially has added to my eagerness in applying for the esteemed Maybank Scholarship that fully funds the higher education of young Malaysians. To be selected as one of the 22 award recipients has act as a catalyst in achieving my dreams to further my studies in the UK. Thus, it would be a great honour to be offered a chance to study an Actuarial Science degree course in the UK. As an individual who strives to improve, I will constantly drive to excellence to reform the society as a whole and apply my skills in real life situations. The opportunity of getting educated in UK would convert my devoted desire in these fields into palpable contributions back to the university and society.

DISCLAIMER: The personal statements on this site are strictly meant as a starting point to give an idea of how successful personal statements look like. There is no surefire formula to writing good personal statements. COLLEGELAH IS STRICTLY AGAINST PLAGIARISM OF ANY KIND. UCAS employs a plagiarism check system that checks applicants’ work against other published writing so please DO NOT PLAGIARISE.

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