Law Personal Statement

This personal statement helped this applicant gain admission to University of Manchester, University of Cambridge and University of Warwick to read law.

All identifying countries and acts have been removed to prevent controversy

“What is law?” – One of the biggest ironies in life that most legal scholars often struggle to answer.

Some people perceive it as a tool to serve justice; others equate it to the concept of order, while one school of thought often contends that law is inextricably linked to morality. Therefore, the existence of a general definition that provides a clear insight into the abstract nature of law remains questionable thus far. I think that understanding the concept of law and questioning its principles is an interesting pursuit. For example, if the function of law is to maintain order, then whose definition of order are we referring to: the majority or the authority?

My interest in law stemmed from my academic introduction to the concept of law and morality. The intellectual debate of fairness and justice served as an impetus for me to peruse relevant book namely A Critical Introduction to Law by W.Mansell, B.Meteyard and A.Thomson which provided an honest evaluation on the role of law in contemporary societies. Through this endeavor, I have come to the realization that the judiciary system in [COUNTRY] has been deviating from the rule of law that ensures equality. However, it now appears to be driven towards the rule by law under the incumbent government. Law enforcement is no longer impartial but is rather being implemented in a discretionary manner where different treatments are given on racial and political grounds. For instance, [ACT 1] and [ACT 2] were abused to silent dissent and advance particular political interests in [COUNTRY]. The implementation of legislation that permits detention without trial severely violates fundamental human rights and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Hence, I believe that it is imperative to question the great disparity between the operations of law in theory and in reality so that justice can be served.

Adhering to my belief that success should not be confined solely to academic excellence, I have actively engaged myself outside the classroom to develop my character. Debating at a national level empowered self-belief which enabled me to articulate my thoughts in public. As the secretary-general in the Prefectorial Board, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to lead the department of discipline where my leadership and communication skills were honed. I am also humbled to be the recipient as the Model Student of the year.

I am a firm believer in perseverance. For this reason, I chose to persist in ballet despite the challenges I have had to overcome as a result of starting lessons at the late age of sixteen. Mastering an art which requires consistent hard work has inspired me to become a disciplined and determined individual. All these achievements have provided me with the necessary qualifications to be selected as one of the sixty six elite Malaysian students chosen to participate in a two week leadership course known as the Tun Razak Leadership Program 2011. The program was an eye-opener that made me realize that the learning in a multicultural society has much to offer. I learnt the value of tolerance and to respect the opinions of others.

Having developed a profound interest in law, I am all ready to embark on this intellectually rewarding journey in a reputable university, with the aim of maintaining the balance between my academics and other activities. I am looking forward to implementing the useful knowledge from tertiary education to make a positive contribution to my country.

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