Law Personal Statement 2

This Personal Statement is part of this student’s successful admission to study Law in the University of Cambridge, University of Warwick and University of Manchester.

My interest to read Law was sparked by my involvement in debate competitions. I revel in the logical reasoning and critical thinking needed during the preparation. I realised that there are endless possibilities on how to examine an issue. Besides, I relish the moment when I have to respond instantly with a coherent argument to defend my standpoint. In fact, I was named as best debater several times and won the National Level Chinese Parliamentary Debate Competition in 2011. These enjoyable experiences, both during preparation and discourse, made me consider pursuing a Law degree.

Subsequently, I did some reading to discover more about Law. ‘Learning the Law’ and ‘What about Law? Studying Law at University’ were particularly enlightening. I ascertained that Law is constantly dealing with abstract issues, which requires students to think critically and logically. Law also fascinates me as I learned that its impact on society can be stupendous. My attention was caught by Public Law, which has far-reaching implications to society. Thus, besides the seven core subjects needed for legal practice, I would like to explore other Public Law related subjects in order to elucidate the relationship between Law and the development of society.

Aspiring to build a better foundation for the study of Law, I switched to an English-medium pre-university course and focused on social science subjects which I hardly came across previously. I wish to improve my English as well as explore the social sciences which are highly associated with Law. The transition was indeed a big challenge. However, I am glad that I made this decision because it prompted me to move beyond my limitations and expand my academic boundaries.

I also did an attachment in a law firm in pursuance of gaining practical experience in the legal world. On the first day, I was asked to draft a written submission. I was surprised at first as I had no prior legal knowledge. Nevertheless, I regarded this as an opportunity to perceive the reality of legal practice. I endeavoured to understand the overall picture of the case besides paying attention to details. I applied my analytical skills and logical thinking to distinguish the facts cautiously when researching for authorities to support my argument. Eventually, I was able to submit it and received favourable comments. I realised that I should never underestimate my potential or be deterred by the hurdles in front of me. Having vision and action will push me to the furthest that I can go.

As the President of Law Society at my college, I have initiated and organised a moot competition. This experience enabled me to embrace the legal domain from a different perspective. Preparing the moot problem and selecting cases for participants were a unique experience. Lots of research was needed beforehand in order to come up with an unbiased moot problem. During the preparation, I realised that Law is constantly changing and varies between countries. Furthermore, my position as the editor of the global section in my college newspaper requires me to be acquainted with current issues.

I envisage myself continuing to read Law after completing my degree. I would like to become an academic and contribute to the legal domain. It seems to me that being a legal practitioner is more about applying the Law, but being an academic will enable me to influence and shape the future development of Law, not only through research, but through educating the future generations as well.

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