Economics Personal Statement

Han Chun Ting  is currently a first year undergraduate reading Bsc Economics at London School of Economics and Political Science. This personal statement was part of his successful application to LSE, UCL, University of Warwick, University of Bath and City University of London for Economics.

Economics is an important subject that shapes the world. The concept of Economics helps governments to implement the best policies for their countries to move forward and helps firms to analyse what are the best steps to take to maximise their revenues. Besides that, Economics is also a unique subject as having knowledge on the subject itself is not enough because the practical implementation of this knowledge is hugely affected by human behaviour. This makes Economics very intriguing as models are made to predict the most probable outcomes based on how people are behaving now and how they might in the future.

The current economic problems in my home country have fuelled my interest to study Economics at university level. In recent years, due to falling global oil prices, the revenue of the Malaysian government has taken a big hit. This has led the government to look for other sources of revenue to replace the loss of income from its petroleum industry. Some of the measures taken include the implementation of Goods and Services Tax and the removal of subsidies towards certain necessity goods. These measures have brought on a new high in the level of inflation within the country. As the cost of living increases, many people, especially low and medium income citizens are starting to go into unemployment. As a result, Malaysia is experiencing one of its worst economic recession over the past two decades. Social unrest is also reaching its peak as people are starting to publicly protest and question the government’s actions. The measures taken by the government have also affected my family as we are forced to change our lifestyle to accommodate the increase in price of the goods that we consume. All of these have left me to question the rationality behind some of the decisions made by the government as I argue on what should be done to replace the country’s source of income without placing extra burden on its people.

The broad range of subjects that I have taken up to A-Levels have allowed me to understand how the discipline of various subjects can be used concurrently. Studying Physics, I have learned to become more systematic and sensitive when assessing and drawing conclusions towards any implications of a given situation. I have taken up Economics in A-Levels to gain a better understanding on the subject. I also possess a strong mathematical background having studied Further Maths at A-Levels. Topics such as calculus and statistics are closely related to Economics, thus I believe I am well equipped to face the demands of studying Economics at degree level.

Academically, I have participated in competitions and won numerous awards. I believe by participating in these competitions, I can equip myself with better skills and be more competitive with the many challenges that are yet to come. Being an active participant in extra-curricular and social activities, I have learned a lot such as leadership and compassion, all of which has built me to become a more holistic and all rounded individual. Besides that, these opportunities have help build my confidence to talk to a large audience which could prove to be beneficial in the future when presenting my ideas. Being a part of my school’s football team has taught me more than anything else on how important teamwork and team harmony is to succeed.

With its high standards of teaching and state-of-the-art facilities, it is clear that the UK is the best place for me to pursue my university studies. I believe that my passion for the subject along with my academic potential will aid and bring me a step closer towards my goal to make a change in my home country.

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