Personal Statement Guidance

“How do I write a successful personal statement that would help me gain admission into leading universities in the UK?”

“I asked trusted people for help and used their criticisms and opinions to fine-tune my statement.”
Alicia Loh, a Law student in University of Cambridge

“I requested my friends and lecturers to proofread my personal statement and asked for their opinions.”
Lim Kai Xiang, a Psychology student in University College London

 “I suggest students to get help from experienced teachers and polish it until you are happy and contented with it.”
Jasmine Law Chiw Fern, a Mathematics student in University of Cambridge

There are no surefire formula to write good personal statements. It’s all about receiving constructive criticism and opinions from different parties and revising your personal statement until it conveys your passion and experiences genuinely and effectively.

CollegeLAH’s volunteer editors are happy to provide personal statement advice to students who are applying to UK Universities this year.  Our volunteers will help to read through your personal statements, and will try their very best to provide you with feedback on the content based on their application experiences.

Disclaimer: CollegeLAH’s team is solely made up of students who have pulled through the application processes. We have first hand experiences but we do not claim to be admission gurus. Any comments/feedback given are based on our personal experiences- what worked for us might not be the best possible ways to produce personal statements. The only way to be sure that you’re on the right track is to consult your college’s University Placement Center or MABECS.

Volunteer Editors


Course University

I can provide advice on:

Alicia Loh Law University of Cambridge Social Sciences Personal Statements
Suet Wei Tiong History London School of Economics History, Accounting & Finance, Social Sciences and Humanities Personal Statements
Chin Li-Ann Philosophy University College London Humanities Personal Statements
Jiaxen Lau Physics University of Oxford Any Personal Statements
Felix Culas Economics University of Durham Any Personal Statements but generally Economics
Etienne Goh Government and Economics London School of Economics Personal Statements for Politics, Philosophy, Economics and/or Government
Justine Philosophy, Politics and Economics Durham University Any Personal Statements
Chen Kian Woon Chemical Engineering Imperial College London Engineering Personal Statements
Kwong Kien Yi Chemical Engineering University of Cambridge Engineering Personal Statements (Preferably Chemical & Mechanical)
Kyle Chan Wei Ren Accounting & Finance London School of Economics Accounting & Finance Personal Statements
Nixon Phua Cher Yang Medicine University College London Health Sciences Personal Statements
Tan Sian See Medicine University College London Health Sciences Personal Statements
Jeremy Wong (Admitted into LSE’18 for Economics) Economics/Linguistics University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Any Personal Statements

CollegeLAH editors

If you prefer, you may also request that our UK team members edit/comment on your Personal Statement personally. Please bear in mind that if our own editors are congested with applications, they will be forwarded to a volunteer editor with your written consent instead. Likewise, if our volunteer editors are congested, your application may be forwarded to one of our own editors.


Course University

I can provide advice on:

Suah Jing Lian Economics London School of Economics Any Personal Statements
Sukhdev Singh Malhi Economics London School of Economics Any Personal Statements
Kua Xiang-Yang Physics University College London Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Personal Statements

How it works?

Send us a copy of your personal statement and the following details to Suah Jing Lian, our Executive Editor, via

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Current Institution
  • Pre-University subjects
  • Course of study
  • Intended universities
  • Two preferred editors (will only be sent to one)
  • College/School’s internal deadline for submission

We will forward your personal statement to your “Preferred Editors” ONLY.  However, in the event that the particular Editor has too many outstanding requests, we will forward your personal statement to another editor with similar credentials with prior written consent from you. Similarly, if you do not state a preferred editor, the personal statement will then be sent to a member of the CollegeLAH Team to be edited. Please do note that the CollegeLAH admin team may view it for administrative purposes.

You will receive an email from the regional correspondent indicating that your personal statement has indeed been forwarded to an editor. Your editor has been told to connect with you within two days upon receiving your personal statement. You can then decide, alongside with your volunteer editor, a suitable timeframe and medium of communication that you both are comfortable on working with. Should there not be any contact from your volunteer after two days, we kindly request that you inform us. Your personal statement will then be reverted to a member of the CollegeLAH Team to be personally edited.

The editor will read through your essay thoroughly and provide you with feedback based on his/her application experience, via email, Google Docs and/or Microsoft Word. The method of correspondence between you and your editor is entirely up to you and his/her discretion. Keep in mind that we are not admissions professionals but students with first hand experiences willing to share with you. It’s always a good idea to check with your university placement center before submitting it!

Don’t worry if you are applying to a course not mentioned above. Our volunteers have agreed to take on other personal statements if required. We are providing this as a free service, and we ask that in return, you ‘like’ and share our Facebook page so that your friends can also benefit from what is shared here. Please do send us a link/screencap showing that you have done so. 🙂 You may opt out if you wish to, there is no obligation on this at all.

We wish you all the best with your UCAS application!


4 thoughts on “Personal Statement Guidance

    • Collegelah says:

      Hi Roberta! Thanks for visiting our site and thanks for raising the concern.

      We will forward your personal statement to your “Preferred Volunteer” ONLY. However, in the event that the particular volunteer has too many outstanding requests, we will forward your personal statement to another volunteer with similar credentials, with prior written consent from you. We will NOT sell your personal statement online.


  1. Abby G. says:


    Are you still offering this service of reviewing personal statements? Is it possible to send them for the 2016 application process now?


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