USA Essay Feedback

You have come a long way from knowing absolutely nothing about applying to US universities.

However, if you’re still clueless, here’s a good place to start your research.

You now know how important the essays are.

Hear it from admissions teams if you’re still unconvinced.
Answers from Princeton’s Dean of Admission, The New York Times 
Write an Essay that Stands Out, Boston University Admissions
The Personal Essay, University of Florida

You have Googled high and low for tips on writing them.

CollegeLAH contributors Dylan and Syaza wrote articles on how to write a good essay. Other contributors have shared their application experiences as well, including how they wrote their essays. Plus, you can find original essays written by successful applicants here. Feel free to have a read, but if you are concerned that reading others’ essays will do you more harm than good, feel free to skip that.

You have written your essays.

Good for you!

From here, it’ll be a good idea to let other people read your essays and give feedback on them. Besides your friends and teachers, CollegeLAH volunteer editors and editors, who are current students at US colleges, can offer you valuable perspectives as well. Some of us have had successful applications to the US and are equally qualified. It’s like giving your essays a ‘test run’ to see how good they are at telling strangers (like admissions officers and our volunteers) who you are.

Meet the volunteer editors

  • Wong Yun Qiu, Rice University ’18, Mechanical Engineering

  • Jiaxen Lau, Oxford University ’18 (Accepted into UC Berkeley ’19), MPhys Physics

  • Jeremy Wong Jian Wen, UCLA ’19, Economics/Linguistics

  • Kai Xin Tai, Princeton University ’19, Economics or Computer Science

  • *Dylan Ler, University of California, Los Angeles ’18, Electrical Engineering (email:

    • I have researched extensively about scholarships, financial aid, loopholes, tricks, alternatives to studying in the USA and abroad. When it comes to US college applications, they emphasize “fit” more than anything else,  it’s really subjective but that’s what makes the application so interesting at the same time.  So, I just want to remind everyone to not be afraid of applying to a school that you really like even though you might think that you don’t have a shot at it.  After all, there really is no harm in trying–you never know what to expect.  Don’t be discourage by score statistics, admission percentage, collegeboard forum admission pages and etc.  I prefer to be contacted via Facebook so just search me up at “Dylan Ler” but email should be fine too.  You are free to ask me anything about life, scholarships, applications, essays, travelling and etc.
      Be a rebel, hack your way into the system! 🙂
  • *Victor Tan, University of Chicago ’17, Economics (email:

  • Ananthan Nambiar, Reed College ’19, Physics-Mathematics with concentration in Computer Science

Note: Volunteers marked with an asterisk (*) can be reached without going through CollegeLAH.  If you would like to contact the others, please do so through CollegeLAH instead of  through Facebook and personal platforms (unless you know him/her already!)

CollegeLAH editors

  • Farhan Yosman, Cornell University ’18, Economics and Asian Studies

  • Suah Jing Lian, London School of Economics ’18, Economics (Accepted into Cornell University ’19)

How does this work?

  1. Send an email to Farhan Yosman, our US correspondent at together with the following:
    1. Your name
    2. Name of preferred volunteer/editor
    3. Your essay and prompt
    4. Name of college that you are submitting the essay(s) to
    5. Your intended major
    6. Deadline for your application
    7. Any additional requests or relevant information
  2. We will connect you with your preferred volunteer and send your essay to them for checking. However, if your preferred editor is engaged with too many requests, we will send your essay to another editor.
  3. Since every editor and applicant will have different preferences and requests, the essay-checking process will be carried out in a way that is agreed upon by both volunteer and applicant, be it through email correspondence, Facebook, Google Docs, etc.
Note: Volunteers marked with an asterisk (*) can be contacted directly without going through CollegeLAH.

Important information

Please do not ‘tldr’ this. It’s very important that you understand what you sign up for when you send in your essays to be read by CollegeLAH volunteers and editors. This is not us trying to save our butts in case something goes wrong, but a clear description of what we can or cannot do for you.

  1. We (CollegeLAH volunteers and editors) will read and provide feedback on your essays for free.
  2. We are not affiliated with any institution, so there is no guarantee that our feedback will gain you admission into your prospective college.
  3. We are sharing only our opinions and tips based on our previous application experiences, you are not obligated to follow them.
  4. We advise you to have your essay checked by others as well, like your teachers, friends, parents, admissions counselors, agents, etc.
  5. Although the essays are an important part of your application, don’t forget about the rest of it, i.e. your test scores, grades, etc.
  6. We will seek your permission before sharing your essay or other information with anyone.
  7. If you are unsure about anything, please contact us via email (

You may find USAPPS’s list of contacts helpful as well.
We wish you all the best with your applications!

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