What It Takes To Be A Maybank Scholar

The Maybank Overseas Scholarship awards only 20-odd places to the thousands of applicants each year. Offering a full education financial assistance from pre-university to degree level, it covers tuition fees, a laptop, accommodation, and a very handsome living allowance. To prepare scholars for a successful career with Asia’s leading financial service group, a career preparatoryContinue reading “What It Takes To Be A Maybank Scholar”

Applying to Korean Universities

Applying to Korea (South Korea, of course) is slightly different from applying to the UK or the US. Luckily, Korea also has an online application system. In fact, they have three, but the one you are mostly likely to use is Uway. Uway is the sole online application system for most universities across the K-popContinue reading “Applying to Korean Universities”

How To Write Successful US College Application Essays?

I have been asked to help proofread a few US college application essays.  I have a few things to say and would like to help spark your inspiration. 🙂 Of course, this is just my humble opinion. I am in no way a professional essay writer, a spy in the admissions office, or an expert psychologistContinue reading “How To Write Successful US College Application Essays?”