UK Application Experiences

This segment hosts Individual Accounts of their Application Process. If you wish to contribute to this ever-expanding repository, please reach out to

Accounts of Application Experiences by Subjects

Non-Subject Specific

A Rough Guide to the Cambridge Application Process (Jasmine Law)

How to Get Your UK Application Started (Andrew Low)

Tips for UCAS Personal Statement (Wen Jian)

Of Robes and Long Dining Tables, of Fireplaces and Scholars (Anonymous 1)

Pre-U Subject Choices for UK Bound Students (CollegeLAH Team)


UK Architecture Application (Louisa Wong)


UK Dentistry Application (Xue Mei)

Economics (including Economics & Management)

My Journey Applying to E&M at Oxford (Anonymous 1) 

Economics at the LSE (Suah)

Cambridge Economics Interview (Aaron Goh)

Engineering (any branches of Engineering)

Applying to Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London (Part 1, Kian Woon)

Applying to Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London (Part 2, Kian Woon)

Chemical Engineering at Cambridge University (Anonymous 1)

Mechanical Engineering at Oxford (Foo You)

Cambridge Engineering Application (Andrew Foong)

Application to Cambridge Engineering (Jia Min)

Oxford Chemical Engineering Application (Christopher Lim)


Advice from the Cambridge Lawyer (Sharyn Wong)

Steps to Reading Law at Cambridge (Alicia Loh)


Cambridge Mathematics Application (Jasmine Law)

Application to Cambridge for Mathematics (Shin Yin)

Cambridge Mathematics Interview (Ying Hong)


Q&A with the Cambridge Medic (Kuok Ren)

Applying to Medicine in the UK 2014/15 (Jane)

Penangite Guide to Studying Medicine at Cambridge (Ming Yi)

Medicine Interview in Cambridge (Victor Teh)

Medicine in Cardiff University (Rucira)

Applying for Medicine in the UK 2018/19 (Harenesh)

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge (Shujing)

Cambridge Interview: Natural Sciences at Churchill College (Amzar Muzani)


Applying to Pharmacy in the UK (Gary Liew)

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Oxford PPE Application (Part 1, Weiling)

Oxford PPE Application (Part 2, Weiling)


Brian Khor’s Journey to Oxford for Physics (Part 1)

Brian Khor’s Journey to Oxford (Part 2)

A Coffee Enthusiast’s Application to Oxford for Physics (Jiaxen)


UCL Psychology Application (Kai Xiang)

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine Application (Jie Yi)

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