This segment hosts Individual Accounts of their experiences and student life at different universities globally. If you wish to contribute to this ever-expanding repository, please contact the CollegeLAH team, at

Accounts of  Experiences and Student Life by Country


Life@Taylors (Pramira Ganesan)
Life@UM (Narissa Hakim)
Life@UMP – Software Engineering (Qaiyyim)
Life@BAC – Law (Jasmine Tan)
IMU-Otago Credit Transfer: Dentistry (Ong Jinn)

Life@HWU (Hani Zahid)

United Kingdom

Life@Cardiff (Sofiyah Rohaizi)
Life@Manchester (Farisa Wan)
Life@Imperial (Nicole Siaw)
Michaelmas Term as a First Year Medic at Cambridge University (Victor Teh)
What’s Next When Your Offer Turns Unconditional? (Site Hasmah)

United States of America

Life@Wisconsin-Madison (Anonymous 1)
Life@John Hopkins: Meta-study abroad (Victor Pong)


Life@Trinity College Dublin (Wennweoi)


Life@Monash Parkville University as a First Year Medical Student (Kum Chuan)
Life@Monash University as a First Year Medical Student (Anonymous 1)


To Stuff or not to Stuff That in? (Jacqueline Wong)

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