Be A Contributor!


“I share the same vision as CollegeLAH, as a student, how can I help?”

Want to inspire fellow Malaysian students to dream big and aim for the moon?

You don’t need to be a genius with tons of academic achievements o your CV or an extraordinary sportsperson with a display cabinet full of medals. After all, we are proving that ordinary kids like you and me can get admitted into prestigious universities or be awarded scholarships.

Share with us your personal application journey – how you confronted each grueling stage, how you squeezed all your creative juices to come up with your attention-grabbing masterpiece as your personal statement, how you remained calm and poise while swiftly catching bullets from the interviewer’s machine gun!

You might cringe in embarrassment recalling your application journey, but sharing it might help an aspiring applicant who’s in your position once upon a time. You made it so help them make it too.

Interested in sharing? Do email us at


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