Medicine Interview in Cambridge

I first laid eyes on Cambridge when I went there for my interview in December 2013 and I must say, it is indeed every bit as beautiful as it appears in photos and postcards. Upon arriving at Cambridge, I immediately realised that I had forgotten to bring formal shoes to match my suit. It causedContinue reading “Medicine Interview in Cambridge”

IMU Malaysia Medicine Application

Image Source 1. What was included in the application process to IMU? Apply online thru No personal statement is required although we need to sit for the IELTS. 2. What are some of the activities that you participated that you think helped your application? I was a member of the Pre-Medical Society in Taylor’sContinue reading “IMU Malaysia Medicine Application”

Penangite Guide to Studying Medicine at Cambridge

Image Source Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hello there, my name is Ming and I’m from Penang. I studied at The International School of Penang (Uplands) for my entire secondary school, ending with the International Baccalaureate for my sixth form studies. The next step is Cambridge, where I’ll read Medicine and graduate inContinue reading “Penangite Guide to Studying Medicine at Cambridge”

Veterinary Medicine Application

So… Veterinary medicine eh? Welcome! Welcome! Speaking from experience, I know how hard it is to find advice for veterinary medicine applicants in Malaysia. This is still a relatively new field in our country and many people remain unfamiliar with it. So to all you animal lovers out there, thank you for choosing this professionContinue reading “Veterinary Medicine Application”

Applying to Medicine in the UK

Image Source Hello! I’m Jane Fang, a National Scholar who did my A-levels in KYUEM. I applied to University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, University of Cardiff and University of Cambridge for Medicine, and to University College London for Biological Sciences. I am very grateful to say that I got offers from all of theContinue reading “Applying to Medicine in the UK”

Q&A with the Cambridge Medic

What was included in the application process to your university? From what I understand, UK unis do not accept any extra materials regarding your application. Stick to what is required, but make sure you do it well! How did you write your personal statement? The most important thing to show in your PS is yourContinue reading “Q&A with the Cambridge Medic”

Getting into UK Medical Schools

“How to get into UK medical schools?” I was recently asked this question by a junior of mine. Having gone through the application process not too long ago with the memories of endless sleepless nights spent to complete the application still vivid in my mind, I jokingly told her that she would have to firstContinue reading “Getting into UK Medical Schools”