UK or Canada?

University of British Columbia
University of British Columbia

How did you approach your search for the right uni?  How did you organise your university prospects?

I always assumed I was going to the UK, as it was the easiest and most direct for me financially and logistically. I went to a few different UK university fairs to look at what the universities had to offer pertaining to my interests, and from all the information I got, I organized them into the ones most applicable to my needs, into 5 universities.

What were your criterias when choosing your universities?

I was looking towards doing something related to journalism, be it literary or multimedia journalism. I looked at the reputation each university had on the specific course. For example while Derby is not particularly ranked high nationwide in the UK, it has specialized courses relating to journalism, while Kent, a university ranked higher, is not well known for journalism. I am already familiar with the education system and the living aspects of the UK, so that was one thing welcoming me there.

How did you finally decide on the uni you are attending?

I thought later on that focusing on only the UK was limiting my chances, so I decided to look into two other countries, Singapore and Australia. The living costs and the competitive nature of both countries turned me off, along with the lack of opportunity to explore a completely new society. I only ended up with Canada, and the University of British Columbia (UBC), due to them having a presence at my school. In the end, after looking further into UBC, its the only other university I applied to outside the UK.

Did you face any difficulties during your decision process for choosing unis?

My parents’ only problem with Canada was its distance and cost. The costs were quite high initially, but lessen over time. Of course, the university’s reputation and the country itself convinced my parents that UBC was a better choice than the other universities in the UK I got accepted into.

What were your expectations like for entering your dream uni? Did you have any back up schools?

My insurance choices were in the UK, and expectations were achievable for me. I didn’t expect to get accepted into UBC, due to how they compare to my UK choices. UBC is heaps better than the UK choices. Being accepted was a relief for me, to say the least.

What was your game plan to enhance your admission chances?

I had no game plan, honestly. I simply applied to anywhere that appealed to me and pick the best of the bunch.

Do you think you chose the right university?

UBC is no doubt the right university for me. No regrets whatsoever.


1519322_10202326021167836_775391534_oHe may not sound like it, but Syed Mustafa can be quite creative with words when the need arises. You might just stumble upon this guy who will be pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in the University of British Columbia on the streets of Vancouver with some weird camera taking photos, and if you’re lucky, he’ll take a picture of you too!


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