Can I apply for early action and regular decision at US colleges?


For US uni applications, are we allowed to apply for both early action and regular decision for the same college? If I am rejected in the early action pool, can i still apply for regular decision?


Do take note that not many universities offer early action as compared to early decision, so you would have to check with the universities about that. And also make sure to check if it’s ‘restrictive’ or ‘single-choice’ early action meaning that you can only apply to one university with early action. For example, Yale and Stanford offer single-choice early action, whereas UChicago has an open policy on early action.

In answer to your question, that again depends on the universities’ admission policy. Some universities will not reconsider rejected early action applicants at all during the regular decision process in the same year, while some universities will automatically defer rejected applicants into the regular decision pile so you will not have to resubmit your application (you may be allowed to submit additional supplementary documents though), or some may even have both possibilities. In any case, do check the website of the university you intend to apply to for the most accurate information, and do not hesitate to email them if you have any queries! 🙂

Answered by: Teh Wen Wen is a rising freshman at Johns Hopkins University who finds comfort in wearing her egg doodle covered socks around her house.


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