Genting Malaysia Scholarship


The Genting Malaysia Scholarship application has 3 stages and the process is pretty straight forward. First of all, check if you are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The details are all up in their website. You can also get additional information from (that was where I got to know about the Genting Malaysia Scholarship.  As for fields of study, they cover almost everything ranging from Economics to Civil Engineering.

As we all know, Genting Malaysia is a profit driven organization which diversifies into many branches of entertainment and therefore, this scholarship programme is merely a CSR project. Also, what I realised about this scholarship programme is the fact that the organization will determine if you are worth their investment, and they will gauge if you will be able to help them earn additional income in the near future. Therefore, there is a very distinct difference between the Genting Malaysia scholarship and other more social-oriented scholarships like the Bank Negara Scholarship and the JPA scholarships.

MAIN ADVICE: If your course is ridiculously expensive, your chances are very, very slim. (London/Melbourne/other high-cost city universities)  So, getting them to sponsor you a much cheaper university can most likely score you a scholarship by them.

The First Stage

The first stage is an online application form provided by the corporation itself. In March or April, the online applications should be open, and you are required to fill in your details and answer a few questions. Nothing much. Just a very generic application form to understand more about your qualifications.

The Second Stage

This is when they email you stating that they have received your application and that you will be notified. When you obtain another email telling you about an online assessment, that means you have already gotten Genting’s attention with your results and qualifications. The online assessment has two separate assessments. One is to test your intelligence (IQ) and another is to test your personality.

THE FIRST ASSESSMENT IS VERY IMPORTANT. The scores of this online assessment will be brought forward to the final assessment in Genting.  So make sure you do well in that assessment.

The Third Stage

This is where all the fun starts. Most applicants are rejected at this point, leaving about 4-10% of the best applicants left. (That was what I was told by one of the Genting HR members). You will now get another email, inviting you to actually GO TO GENTING HIGHLANDS and attend a full-day assessment. It sounds really intimidating at first, but you will be fine.

The assessment varies each year, but during my year, there are many assessments that will be carried out (mainly aptitude tests) throughout the whole day. There are written assessments, oral assessments, group case studies, general activities, interviews and other agendas. It is not THAT difficult to get through all these assessments.

As for the interview, the interviewers are very very nice people. Just be fairly confident about yourself and try to shine from the crowd. Convince them that you will be able to reap more benefits for the organization compared to the others. Four interviews will commence at a time, making the interview session very quick and stress-free. Once you’re done, you are excused and permitted to leave the place and proceed to the casino.


Towards the end, you will be notified by email or phone about the updates of your application. They will take about a month or so to get back to the applicants and therefore, be patient about it.

Remember, the success of obtaining this scholarship isn’t all about your academic or co-curricular excellence, nor is it about your performance in the full-day assessment. The cost of your studies is one of the main factors to your success in scoring the scholarship. The cheaper, the better. Therefore, if you are aspiring to study Chemical Engineering in a university like Imperial College London, you might need to go the extra mile to win the hearts of your interviewer.

Good luck in your application. You guys can do it.

DISCLAIMER: This article is written based on James’ own experiences, opinions and reflections and all claims about the scholarship are based on his own reasoning and observation. 


James Chong Sheng Han will be pursuing Economics in University College London under the JPA scholarship although he was also awarded the Genting Malaysia Scholarship. Beware. His jokes can be very dangerous. Victims are found rolling on the floor laughing hysterically


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