Biotechnology Personal Statement

This personal statement is part of this student’s successful admission to study Biotechnology at the Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), King’s College London (KCL) and University of Edinburgh.

When I was seven, I started reading Chinese martial arts novel, which was how I started to develop an interest in biology. i know it might sound strange on how those two could relate, but allow me to explain. These characters in the novels seemed able to manipulate certain aspects of their body, such as blood flow and the flow of an internal energy, simply known as “chi” to hasten the recovery of an injury site or to expel poison of sorts. This got me thinking of ways on how humans could possibly achieve such incredible feats. Were there nerves connected to the valves in their blood vessels so that they can close and open them voluntarily? These questions were frivolous but they lead me down a never-ending tunnel of scientific wonder and hunger.

Besides satisfying my curiosity about circumambience, I indulge in science studies to fulfill my desire of winning, in a marathon of education. Student stress can be overwhelming at times. Thus I took up jogging to help to revive my weary soul. However, my stamina has always been remarkably low despite my best efforts to enhance them. Thus, I secretly wished to overcome my limitations through scientific research and breakthrough, much like Dr. Abraham Erskine had done to Steve Rogers, in the movie Captain America. At first he was a frail and sick man but after being treated with the Super-Soldier Serum, the metabolism in his body has been enhanced to the zenith of human potential. The human body is truly a scientific marvel with no boundaries.

Jogging is a part of my evening routine, but I still remember there was once I could not jog due to bad haze conditions. The smoke haze from the fires in Indonesia has been brought over by monsoonal wind and enveloped our country, Malaysia. Ever since I was illuminated of the various health problems posed to us by the haze, I had become concerned about environmental issues such as global warming and had hoped to involve myself in aiding the grand cause of restoring our environment.

I was the president of the robotics club back in secondary school. In 2011, our team decided to build an environmentally concerned robot which was able to detect and collect waste along the street. It was powered by solar energy and with its internal claw and various sensors, wastes were sorted accordingly for recycling. This Fully Automated Waste Disposal Robot won us the state champion and the excellence award in national level. To reduce carbon dioxide emission and save the earth, solar car is one of the most efficient solutions. I was given a chance to represent my school in a solar car competition.  During the duration of the competition, my team members and I solved the overweight problem of our car by using polystyrene casing instead of wood. Our car performance had also been improved by utilizing some gear ratio and circuit theories. As a result, we won as the first runner-up in state level.

Biology fascinates me in the way that it explains all minor yet crucial processes take place in living organisms. Like a watch made up of tiny cogs and screws, every single living cell that looks rather alike is able to work together and perform a specific function. It showcases the importance of compartmentalization and gives me an insight into the necessity to maintain individuality. Nevertheless, I never neglect chemistry, physics and mathematics throughout my education because all of them are interrelated and to master biology, they are of equal importance.

I am currently doing my A levels on pure science and like the knights-errant who never hesitate to help the less fortunate in martial arts novels I used to read, I hope I am able to use my scientific knowledge to make a meaningful difference to the world. To achieve that, I wish to pursue further studies at your university and gain precious knowledge that will surely be of upmost importance for me to pursue my dreams of introducing a better life to humanity as a whole.

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