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While locals all over the world put their local universities as one of their choices, it is sad and disheartening to see that not many Malaysians practice this option.

While most have dreams and ambitions of what they want to be, I on the other hand was still deliberating all the choices. In such a circumstance, I figured that taking the A Levels would be the best option for me after talking to several counselors as it keeps my career path as wide as possible.

Though I completed my A Levels in the Subang campus of Taylor’s College, I did not further my tertiary studies in Law in Taylor’s University as it was just introduced and I would be the first batch for it making me very hesitant. Hence after much surveys and scouting around the Law schools, I decided to be a part of the famous Brickfields Asia College (BAC), “The Fastest & Smartest way to over 50 UK Law & Business Degrees”.

Well, my university sure provides the fastest way to most of its courses. In the United Kingdom, the A Levels course would take a whole 2 years to complete. In most typical Malaysian college, that course would take a duration of 1.5 years to complete. But BAC knows how much Malaysians like to have everything from speed to results so they came up with a shorter duration of time allowing students to complete it in just 1 year!! The awesomeness did not end there you know how we all like to request freebies whenever we purchase an item, BAC gives out freebies without even a request!! When I enrolled for my UK Transfer Law Programme, I was given a free course for a programme called Achiever’s Programme and also a set of free books to start my year with. On top of those academic programmes, we also get a free membership for the gym, Monster Fit.

To enrol into BAC, one can pay a visit to the Petaling Jaya Campus which is in VSQ Square just beside the Luther Centre and register yourself for the next intake. BAC offers three intakes: the normal September intake; the express January intake who will graduate the same time as the September intake; and the April intake. There is two types of programme that you can choose to undergo, the University of London Programme which would not require you to twin to other UK universities or the UK Transfer Programme where you can choose to the 2+1 which means that you twin for one year or the 1+2 where you twin for two years with any of our partner universities.

As I underwent the 2+1 UK Transfer Law Programme, I took the 4 compulsory subjects of common law, public law, criminal law and contract law. However, in Year 2 we were given a slight freedom in choosing one of our electives which are the company law or family law with 3 compulsory subjects along with it: tort law, land law and evidence law. In Year 3, those in 2+1 programme would have to prepare themselves to bid their friends goodbye as most would go to different universities of their preferences. Though we are allowed to choose 4 electives of our own choices, twinning students would have to take a compulsory subject of EU Law with 3 other electives of their own choices for those who are firm in doing the Certificate in Legal Practice Malaysia examination (CLP). As for those who are considering to do the Bar examination in UK, it is advisable to take up both EU Law and Jurisprudence as some Bar schools requires both though there are some who would accept students without knowledge of the Jurisprudence. Two of our partner universities: Cardiff University and University of Northumbria, offer the Bar examination. As for those considering the CLP examination, BAC do provide it too with additional privileges for their own students.

Besides studying, BAC provides many opportunities for students to explore their talents. There are classes such as Zumba, Martial Arts, Free Trial music classes and many more. A recent talent exploration I had a privilege in participating was to be part of the press team for BACMUN (Brickfields Asia College Model United Nations) whereby I could explore various writing expressions under guidance from those with experience.

Though Law course is one which is demanding in terms of understanding and memory, it is important to enjoy your university life before stepping out of our comfort zones and start working. Aside from that, one should give importance to self developments to further appeal your future employers and equip oneself with self-esteem, confidence and interesting personality.

Jasmine Tan is currently reading law at Brickfields Asia College (BAC) under the 2+1 UK Transfer Law Program.


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