Computer Science Personal Statement

This personal statement was part of this student’s successful application to UCL, University of St Andrews, Durham University, University of Warwick and Lancaster University for Computer Science. 

I believe the possibilities computer technology present is limited only by one’s imagination and desire to innovate which both attracts and motivates me to study in this field. The unpredictability associated with this so called era of digital Darwinism excites me and with software bridging the gap between humans and computer, it is my aspiration to be in the forefront of future technological breakthroughs by pursuing a degree in computer science and ultimately a career in software engineering.

Being born in a multilingual country has exposed me to the different interpretable “layers” that make up speech in spoken languages. This has given me a better appreciation of the literal and precise syntax of the programming language. During ICT lessons, I was taught programming languages such as Python and often given projects to create relatively simple games such as “Hangman” using basic concepts we had been taught. My failures leading up to eventual success in creating the game taught me the importance of using logic to understand the flow and structure of any written programme. I truly enjoyed this programming experience which required both creativity and careful planning.

This year I was granted the opportunity to intern with a computer software consulting company. The research I conducted for the company on de-constructed databases enlightened me on the future of “big data” and how it will be one of the key drivers to the growth and development of the global economy. With this better understanding and appreciation of data being a coveted commodity, one of my aspirations as a future software engineer would be to help Malaysian companies develop efficient software systems that would integrate both structured and unstructured data harvesting into usable analytics and thereby enhancing business intelligence, improving their efficiency and ultimately competitiveness.

Possessing an affinity for numerical equations, mathematics and physics has taught me to analyse problems through critical thinking and utilise my understanding of concepts to find a solution. I enjoy the challenge that mathematics presents and the logical thinking required to break down seemingly convoluted problems into simple, solvable parts. Moreover, I have come to be fastidious and methodical when working towards a solution to avoid carelessness, an indispensable characteristic when developing software whose functionality hinges upon a line by line programming perfection.

To me, being creative is an asset to this vibrant industry of computer technology because just as no two artists create the same masterpiece, no two software engineers programme the same way to create identical systems. As a photographer, I have learnt to observe my environment from different perspectives to frame dynamic shots that excite me. It is my belief and hope that my unique perspective as a photographer will help me, as a computer science student, to regard problems as something three dimensional thus approachable from different angles to provide “out-of-the-box”-successful solutions. As an athlete, sports is equally a mental game to me as it is a physical one. Over the years, it has given me confidence, strength to persevere under duress and discipline to reach my goals. With that confidence, I took on the role of Vice House Captain of my college and organised the annual house trip for over a hundred students. This experience developed my leadership skills, communication skills as I had to correspond with many parties and teamwork when working with my peers. A three-month internship stint with a local magazine fostered my soft skills in a working environment and ingrained time management to meet published deadlines.

Ultimately, with my innate diligence and desire to learn, I hope to pursue a degree in Computer Science in your prestigious university and my goal, as a fully qualified software engineer, would be to successfully contribute to the burgeoning advancement of technology.

DISCLAIMER: The personal statements on this site are strictly meant as a starting point to give an idea of how successful personal statements look like. There is no surefire formula to writing good personal statements. COLLEGELAH IS STRICTLY AGAINST PLAGIARISM OF ANY KINDUCAS employs a plagiarism check system that checks applicants’ work against other published writing so please DO NOT PLAGIARISE.


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