Life at Monash-Parkville as a Pharmacy Student

My name is Leong Kum Chuan and I am studying the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) in Monash University, Melbourne Parkville campus. It was a dream come true to be given an opportunity to study in the best pharmacy school in Australia, Monash University – Victorian College of Pharmacy. Monash focuses mainly on research hence researchContinue reading “Life at Monash-Parkville as a Pharmacy Student”

Life at Monash University as a First Year Medical Student

Before writing this article, I checked my student e-mail for the thousandth time (my paranoid self does not think this is an exaggeration) for an e-mail about supplementary exams. Unless I’m hopelessly blind, I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t receive any, which allows me to introduce myself correctly – Hi! I haveContinue reading “Life at Monash University as a First Year Medical Student”

Statistics with Finance Personal Statement

Chin Hua Jun is currently studying BSc in Statistics with Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). This personal statement was part of his successful admission to the LSE for Statistics with Finance, Imperial College London for Mathematics with Statistics for Finance, King’s College London (KCL) for Mathematics with Management andContinue reading “Statistics with Finance Personal Statement”

Biotechnology Personal Statement

This personal statement is part of this student’s successful admission to study Biotechnology at the Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), King’s College London (KCL) and University of Edinburgh. When I was seven, I started reading Chinese martial arts novel, which was how I started to develop an interest in biology. i know itContinue reading “Biotechnology Personal Statement”

Oxford Chemical Engineering Application

Background Hi, this is Christopher Lim Zi Kai from the land of agriculture, Kedah! I’m born in 1994 and am currently 20 years old now. After graduating from SMJK Sin Min with 9 A+, 2A in 2011, I was awarded a bursary offer to pursue Cambridge A-Levels in Taylor’s College Subang Jaya. My subject combinationContinue reading “Oxford Chemical Engineering Application”

Bank Negara Kijang Emas Scholarship

Hello everyone! I’m Alicia, currently reading Law in the University of Cambridge. I was the first undergraduate student to receive the Kijang Emas scholarship from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), and I’ll be sharing my experiences with you today. First, a little bit about BNM and the scholarship itself! It’s the Malaysian central bank, and isContinue reading “Bank Negara Kijang Emas Scholarship”

Shell Scholarship

Shell runs a very attractive scholarship program. It’s open to applicants who want to pursue their studies in a variety of destinations, be it the US, UK or even Australia, and they do not have restrictions on the degrees they sponsor. Trust me, I applied with a weird non-engineering course and got accepted. This isContinue reading “Shell Scholarship”

Is it possible to apply for US colleges without Pre-U?

Q: Is it possible to apply for colleges in US without taking A-Levels,form6 or any other Pre-U(Grade 12)? Can I be admitted into colleges in US by just using SAT scores,TOEFL/IELTS & SPM grades? A: In short: it is possible to get into US colleges without completing Grade 12; I personally know people that have gotten intoContinue reading “Is it possible to apply for US colleges without Pre-U?”

Medicine in University of Gadjah Mada Indonesia

Image Source Hello there! If you are looking at this wall of text, I presume you are interested in at least one of these following courses: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Veterinarian Science. If you’re not then you might be looking at the wrong post. Let me just be honest. I chose University of Gadjah MadaContinue reading “Medicine in University of Gadjah Mada Indonesia”

Applying to Medicine in Trinity College Dublin

Image Source Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am Emily Tan from Penang. I am currently studying medicine in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. I am now in my second year. I previously did my A-levels in Taylor’s College Subang Jaya. What was included in the application process to your university? The application processContinue reading “Applying to Medicine in Trinity College Dublin”