Felda Global Ventures(FGV) Scholarship Application

Before I begin sharing my scholarship experience, let me give you a quick introduction to FGV. Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad (FGV) is Malaysia’s leading global agribusiness and is the world’s largest producer of crude palm oil (CPO). FGV has operations in more than 10 countries across Asia, North America and Europe. I’m sure that most of you have came across the name Felda but not Felda Global Ventures. The difference between these two is that Felda (Federal Land Development Authority) is a government agency whereas FGV is a private corporate entity initiated by Felda.

Let’s go back to my experience now. I have basically applied for numerous scholarships before this, attended various interviews and even managed to qualify for final stages but sadly luck was never on my side. I follow a page called AfterSchool on Facebook and one fine day there was a post about FGV scholarship. Filling up forms became something very normal to me and again I went through the hassle to apply for it. Thank God I applied!

FGV offers a good scholarship programme where it covers your full tuition fee, accommodation, living allowance, books and stationaries allowance and also project allowance. Ten days after the closing date, I received an email stating that I was shortlisted to attend the scholarship assessment (Stage 1). This assessment was slightly different from the ones I have attended before because it was held in a hotel. A few assessments were conducted, and it took the whole day. There were about 200+ candidates shortlisted for this stage.

Stage 1:
• Test
– Four series of tests were given which are mathematical reasoning, verbal reasoning, IQ and the last one was an essay. To master this task you are encouraged to try out similar tests on google. (Each test was about 20 minutes)

• Boardroom discussion and presentation
– We were grouped into groups of 5. We were given a random topic to discuss and to present on a mahjong paper. There were 3 panels who are professional executives of FGV from various fields. The key to master this task is to stand out, speak and most importantly show them the fire in you. (The session was about 45 minutes)

• Interview
– After the presentation, the same panel interviewed us. This time they asked us direct and indirect  questions. Examples of the questions asked are why you chose this field, what is your weakness, why should we award you and not others together with issues happening in Malaysia and around the world. For this stage, you should read up about the company beforehand and brush up on your general knowledge. Make sure you volunteer to answer the indirect questions but at the same time do not be too dominating. (The session was about 25 minutes)

After 2 weeks FGV called and mailed me to inform that I was shortlisted for the final stage and this time it was at their HQ, Menara Felda itself. There were about 60 candidates shortlisted for the stage.

Stage 2:
• Interview
– Candidates were grouped into groups of 5 and were given a briefing before the interview session started. For this, there were 6 panels; chief human resource officer, top key people from the research and development, plantation, finance, human resource and production department.

I was a little bit nervous as I never expected that the “senior management” they meant, is THAT senior. Candidates were thrown direct and indirect questions at this stage too. This time was more for getting to know the candidates’ personality better and determine whether the candidates can adapt to FGV’s culture. (The session was about 45 minutes)

After 2 weeks, I finally received THE CALL. The call that I have always waited for. They informed me that the scholarship board has decided to offer me a full scholarship for my degree (Accounting) in University of Malaya. There were only 20 candidates that received the scholarship.

Prabhakar is currently a FGV scholar pursuing a degree in Accounting in University Malaya. Driven by strong motivations in life, Prabhakar can always be found on a laptop or notebook reading up on the latest technological breakthrough or playing Counter Strike. His nerdy facade masks his breathtaking musical talent as well as some below average football skills. If you intend to contact the author, feel free to contact the CollegeLAH Team at contactus@collegelah.com.

FELDA Global Scholarship

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There were 2 stages in the Biasiswa FELDA Global application process.

1st Stage – Written Test

The first stage was held a few weeks after submitting the application. There were many of us – around 50 candidates. Thus, it was very challenging as there were too many competitors.

There were a few sections in the test. The English test tested the candidates’ listening skills. There was also a knowledge test where we were asked to write essays of 1500 words and above about FELDA programs for young generations and our suggestions on what to do to help the future generations.

2nd Stage – Interview

After shortlisting the candidates, only 15 of us made it through to the 2nd stage. For this stage, we had to demonstrate our speaking skills as well as our personality to be accepted for the scholarship.

The interviewers asked us about our family backgrounds and how we could contribute to the country, especially to FELDA once we return from tertiary studies. I was also required to give my opinions about Malaysia during the period of time and about the Malaysian education system. Plus, they asked me about FELDA’s program for younger generations.

It was very challenging because we had to face the Chairman of FELDA with his other assistants and the result was up to the 7 interviewers in the room. The feeling was beyond explanation – sometimes nervous, sometimes excited.

There were some criteria that I had fulfilled to be awarded the scholarship. Firstly, my exam results helped. Secondly, my extra-curricular activities. Although I did not join many activities, I had high achievements in one particular activity. They also looked forward to my participation in FELDA Programs for the younger generations.

To prospective Biasiswa FELDA Global applicants, I would advise them to:

  1. Get the best results possible in SPM (of course),
  2. Be active in school activities (you do not need to join many clubs, instead be active in the club that interest you the most),
  3. Get some basic knowledge about what FELDA is all about, including their programs and achievements. You may gather a lot of information from FELDA’s official  website, or receive monthly FELDA news in Utusan Malaysia where you will learn about the activities held by FELDA,
  4. Be mentally and physically prepared for the interview and test,
  5. Portray a great personality to impress the interviewers.


Mohamad Hafiz is a FELDA scholar who had just completed his American Credit Transfer Program at INTEC last June. He pursues his study in Mechanical Engineering at State University of New York, University at Buffalo. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time – Thomas A. Edison.