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Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you going, and are you under a sponsorship? What courses and which universities did you apply to?

Hello there! I am a National Scholar who’s going to read law at Universiti Malaya.

What was included in the application process to your university?

Basically, the application process is completed through the UPU portal. You just have to key in your info as required.

Link to the UPU portal:

Is there anything specific to your application (supplements, etc)? If yes, how were they?

No supplements involved.

What did you include your personal statement/essay(s)?

No personal statement for local university applications.

Did you have to take any tests?  If so, how did you find the test? How did you prepare for it? In your opinion, what are some of the tips & techniques to get a good score in the tests?

Yes, I had to take the MUET (Malaysian University English Test) and do self-revision with books available in the market. It is a good way to test your level of English as compared to the SPM because this is a totally different system which analyses your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. If your English is good in certain areas of the test but not all, you just have to work on them.

About the MUET:

MUET registration:

How was the interview session (if any)? What were the questions asked (if you still remember). Was it a group or individual interview? How was the atmosphere? Was it one-sided with the interviewer asking only or was it a discussion? Was it friendly, tense, awkward etc? How did you prepare for the interview?

Yes, there was an interview session. It would be absurd if I can still remember the interview questions at this point of time. It was an individual interview. The atmosphere depends on the interviewee him/herself. Not everyone will experience the same atmosphere, be it excitement, anxiety, suspense or whatever one might feel at that time. The interviewers for my batch were friendly people, that’s all I would say, as there were so many of us having different interviewers for different faculties. There is no particular recipe in preparing for an interview. You just have to keep calm, be yourself, and carry on with the interview – that’s how I felt.

What do you think contributed to the success of your application? What are some of the past experiences/ ECA/ work attachment/ academic achievements that you included in your personal statement/ essays/ interview/ test?

All I can say is that I thank the Senate for accepting me.

What advice would you give to future applicants?

My advice: Just do it. It is the same for a job or anything else that you want to do in the future.

Erique Phang Li-Onn

Erique Phang Li-Onn is a commerce student who is heading to Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur to read law under the National Scholarship by JPA. He is an insane otaku who attaches himself very closely to the spiritual world.