Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Arijey Sura  is currently studying MEng Mechanical Engineering at University College London. This personal statement was part of his successful application to UCL, University of Manchester and University of Bristol for Mechanical Engineering. Speed. My love affair with engineering began with speed; the cutting edge technology of Formula 1 racing. The Kinetic Energy Recovering System, hitched my heart immediately. KineticContinue reading “Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement”

Mechanical Engineering at Oxford

Image Source Intro Hello! I am Chow Foo You from Kampar, Perak. I completed my A-levels at Taylor’s College Subang Jaya. With the aid of the JPA scholarship, I am pursuing Engineering Science at Magdalen College, University of Oxford this October. For your information, I chose a double Maths combination for my A-level course, andContinue reading “Mechanical Engineering at Oxford”