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I am an Australian Permanent Resident and I took A Levels instead of Australian Year 12. I’m going to pursue Bachelor of Biomedicine in University of Melbourne, Australia.

It wasn’t until April this year that I found out that my university application was a completely different procedure compared to other students and the placement center in my college couldn’t assist me in my application. My reaction was like “Oh My Gosh, how I wish someone told me earlier so I wouldn’t have to go through this hassle!”

And yes, I shall tell you how to overcome this and not create a (sort of) mess like I did.

Step 1: check if your parents/you are Permanent Residents of Australia.

If you are an Australian PR, congratulations! (Please proceed to Step 3)

If you are not an Australian PR, congratulations! (Please proceed to Step 2)

Step 2: International students

International students with overseas qualifications (A Levels, CIMP, CPU, STPM, Malaysian Matriculation)

International students can apply directly to universities or through education centers like IDP or AUG. You may get your application fee waived.

  1.       Prepare your certificates and forecast results. Do bear in mind that you’ll have to certify your photocopied certificates.
  2.       Go onto university websites/education centers to get the application form.
  3.       Fill up the application form CORRECTLY.
  4.       Most of the universities will give you three choices, just fill in accordingly.
  5.       Hand in your application form!

International students with Australian qualifications (SAM, AUSMAT)

Some universities accept direct application but some requires online application. Do check your status ASAP to avoid hesitation.


Students who want to apply to Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Veterinary Medicine will have to apply earlier (January).

Students who wish to apply to Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine MUST sit for the International Students Admissions Test (ISAT) from February to October. You may choose the date and time to sit for the test. You must register 6 weeks before the date of examination, and the fee is 300 USD (as of 2014).

Step 3: Permanent Residents

Australian Year 12 students

You do not need to certify any documents. To lodge your university application, go onto the admission websites listed below

  • (South Australia ;eg: University of Adelaide, Flinders University)
  • ( New South Wales and Australia Capital Territory; eg: UNSW, University of Sydney)
  • (Victoria; eg: Monash University, University of Melbourne, RMIT)
  • (Western Australia; eg: Curtin University, University of Western Australia)
  • (Queensland; eg: University of Queensland)
  • (University of Tasmania)

You may login to/register your account in August for the Fall intake (February of the following year). The closing date for on time application falls on the end of September.

Non Year 12 students

This is going to be scary and intimidating but don’t worry you’ll be fine.

  1.       Register yourself on the admission websites.
  2.       Choose your course preferences.
  3.       Certify your documents.*
  4.       Send your documents to Australia

You’ll have to provide certified true copies of your IELTS, SPM and Pre-U results.

My advice is to go to the Australian High Commission Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Yap Kwan Seng) to get it certified. There is a cost applied (AUD 30 as of 2014)

Students applying for Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine will have to sit for the Undergraduate Medicine Admissions Test (UMAT) around end of July. The nearest test center is in Singapore. The website to this is

**Non Year 12 students are NOT eligible to apply for the Chancellor Scholars Program for University of Melbourne**

UMAT Experience

My advice is to register earlier and do more practice questions within the time frame. For UMAT, time is your biggest challenge. The questions are similar to the practice questions, but critical thinking is very important. Don’t get distracted and read the questions properly!


Here are some of the example questions:
Why do you want to pursue Medicine?
Tell us about your work experience/voluntary work.
Characteristics you think a doctor should have.

UNSW Medicine requires their applicants to fill up a Medical Application Form. It is similar to a personal statement but it is guided and more structured.

I was a member of the St John’s Ambulance Malaysia in SMK Seafield as well as a member of the Pre-Medicine Society in Taylor’s College Subang Jaya. This allowed me to have exposure to volunteer work. This helped me a lot in completing the application form and also in strengthening my points.

imageedit_14_6684298470Melanie Hew is a joyful girl who enjoys bringing happiness to people. She will be pursuing Bachelor of Biomedicine in the University of Melbourne. She hopes to be a paediatric cardiologist in the future.


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  1. Hey melanie! I hope you can really get on with your dreams and be a peadetric cardiologist! This world needs someone like you to save humans and living things!


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