CollegeLAH’s Guide to Using Common App

  Creating your CommonApp account Go to and select “First Year Student”. This will lead you to the next page to create an account. Fill in the required questions which should be self-explanatory. Once you are logged in, you are able to view your Dashboard and your full CommonApp Account. Your CommonApp Account YourContinue reading “CollegeLAH’s Guide to Using Common App”

MyBrainSc Scholarship

Editor’s Note: Please be advised the the renditions of the MyBrainSc Scholarship from 2016 and the foreseeable future no longer sponsor students to overseas institution. However, the basic principles behind the application process for the scholarship highlighted in this article still apply.  Are you still scratching your head to look out more scholarships desperately onContinue reading “MyBrainSc Scholarship”

A Coffee Enthusiast’s Application to Oxford for Physics

Applying to Oxford for Physics (Not my Dad’s) If you’re reading this, you just might possibly be considering the thought of maybe perhaps APPLYING FOR PHYSICS at Oxford. Do it. My dad (whose physics application advice is also on this website) and I are the only Malaysian physicists here and we’d love for you allContinue reading “A Coffee Enthusiast’s Application to Oxford for Physics”

My journey applying for Economics & Management at Oxford

Image Source I applied to read pure economics at Warwick, LSE, Bristol and UCL. However, as Oxford did not offer a pure economics course, I chose E&M instead. (UCAS only allows you to apply to a maximum of 5 universities). Moreover, E&M appealed to me as it combines my interest in the management of businessContinue reading “My journey applying for Economics & Management at Oxford”

Application to Australian Universities

Image Source I am an Australian Permanent Resident and I took A Levels instead of Australian Year 12. I’m going to pursue Bachelor of Biomedicine in University of Melbourne, Australia. It wasn’t until April this year that I found out that my university application was a completely different procedure compared to other students and theContinue reading “Application to Australian Universities”