Economics Personal Statement (Khalif Shahriman)

Khalif Shahriman is currently studying BSc Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Khalif completed his A-Levels at KYUEM and is graduating in 2022.  This personal statement was part of his successful application to LSE, UCL, Durham University and Loughborough University for Economics.
Throughout my pre-college break, I volunteered at a Human Trafficking shelter under a local NGO. Meeting victims of economic inequality of diverse nationalities and social milieus gave me first-hand tales on their history. I learned about the socioeconomic results of inequality in countries adjacent to Malaysia. Not only from these trips did I manage to comprehend further the impact economic gaps bring to wealth disparity but also through observing the vast contrasting lifestyles amongst Kuala Lumpur’s populace. This is where in some parts, people flaunt opulent brands on a daily basis unlike in other regions where people beg to live. Recent travels to Sri Lanka and Sweden amplified this distinction and exposed me to the importance of Productive and Allocative efficiency and left me reviewing the implementation of Universal Basic Income. These elements fortified my interest towards grasping the intricate web of Economics as the underlying principle of my future.  I continuously strive to understand issues on poverty, inequality and growth. Having read Paul Collier’s book, The Bottom Billion, helped me to better relate the prime concepts necessary for effective economic policies such as aid flows, good trade, security policies, and ethical governance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals. I feel that these ideas are crucial to balance the future’s economic, environmental and social needs. When Collier highlighted Resource Curse, I delved into it and deepened my understanding towards its economic effects, such as the Dutch Disease and Revenue Volatility. This led me to discover more about Neomercantilism and relate it to globalisation. With similar aims to Collier, Dambisa Moyo’s talk on stalled economic growth, advocating a blend of market-driven and state-sponsored models to foster economic development and overcome social instability, elegantly links the ideas I learned at AS-Level and ignited my curiosity on how this can affect my country’s GDP growth rate. While concepts like market forces and elasticities were fulfilling, what attracted me more towards Economics were the notions on macroeconomic theories, fiscal and monetary policies as well as growth and how they work since these beliefs depend on a substantial number of factors that decide their effectiveness. As part of the Economics council in my college’s academic summit KY Kaigi, we discussed income inequity and I collected and analysed diverging opinions, theories and strategies, such as The Buffett Rule and Okun’s Law to find a solution to the problem. This made me wonder, up to what extent wealth gaps can be accepted if income inequity cannot be solved totally?  As a Further Mathematics student, I began to cherish the grandeur of Maths when my Economics teacher used calculus concepts to obtain the formula for PED of a commodity. Maths has also tweaked my problem-solving and critical-thinking potential, making me eager to apply the language in Economics. Physics improved my ability to understand theories and its applications. Interning with CIMB Group, ASEAN’s leading universal bank, piqued my interest in the complexity of statistical analysis when I studied the company’s data and models providing me with methods which would assist me meticulously in Econometrics modules. The internship also refined my interpersonal attributes in and out of the workplace and intensified my yearning to grow, learn and adapt when confronting new hurdles. Being Head Prefect in school and House Captain in college enhanced my people management abilities. As an active athlete annually representing state competitions, I live by the word ‘relentless’, to constantly remind myself that I reap what I sow. The mix of these aforesaid skills and values together with my infinite desire to give back to society are what I believe to be vital in penetrating the thought-provoking course of Economics, which will equip me in my vision to establish finer societies.
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