CIMB ASEAN Virtual Scholarship Advice

Hello there! I’m Ashraf and I’m currently a CIMB Scholar studying ‘International Social and Public Policy & Economics’ at LSE. Before going any further, I highly recommend you first read what Debra and Edmund (previous CIMB Scholars and LSE students as well) have already written as they’ve  done a good job of laying out theContinue reading “CIMB ASEAN Virtual Scholarship Advice”

CIMB ASEAN Scholarship Experience

Hey there! I’m Edmund Kong from the small seaside town of Kuantan in Malaysia, and I am currently a second year student studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at the London School of Economics (LSE) under the 2019 CIMB ASEAN Scholarship. The scholarship cycle for the CIMB ASEAN Scholarship 2021 will begin on May 24thContinue reading “CIMB ASEAN Scholarship Experience”

Application Experience with a Full Scholarship (Charissa Lee)

Charissa Lee (she/her) is a Sophomore (second year student) at Wesleyan University and a Freeman Asian Scholar. This article is divided into two parts, her application journey, and key takeaways and tips. Application Journey The autumn of 2011, my family and I went to London to help my sister move-in as she began her undergraduateContinue reading “Application Experience with a Full Scholarship (Charissa Lee)”

Bank Negara Malaysia Kijang Scholarship – Virtual Assessment

Stage 1 Step 1:  The application portal for the prestigious Kijang Scholarship opened 2 weeks after receiving my SPM results.  (Check the requirements for the application) Step 2: Fill up personal details. (eg. Family members, parents’ salary, etc) The last section of the first stage of the application is to write a 500 word essayContinue reading “Bank Negara Malaysia Kijang Scholarship – Virtual Assessment”

Study @ South Korea – Farzana Sidek

1. Briefly introduce yourself (your name, current uni and course, scholarship etc) I am Nurul Farzana Binti Sidek, currently based in Seoul, South Korea. I am a second-year student of Biological and Chemical Engineering at Dongyang Mirae University under the scholarship of Public Service Department (JPA) . 2. What made you choose to study atContinue reading “Study @ South Korea – Farzana Sidek”

Life@Manchester (Farisa Wan)

Hi! I’m Farisa, a second year student currently reading PPE (no, not THAT COVID-19 PPE) at the University of Manchester. PPE is an abbreviation for Politics, Philosophy and Economics. During the UCAS application process, the main factor I considered for each university was their location. Of course, the content of the programme they were offeringContinue reading “Life@Manchester (Farisa Wan)”

Life@Taylors (Pramira Ganesan)

Hello there! My name is Pramira V Ganesan. I am currently a law student at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. Heading to university is definitely an overwhelming journey of emotions for everyone. Sometimes, it may even be scary! Both for myself and you! New environment, new course, new friends, being away from home and the listContinue reading “Life@Taylors (Pramira Ganesan)”

Life@UW-Madison (Anonymous 1)

How College Can Help You Radicalize & REALize Blonde white girls in their staple red uni sweater, plain black leggings and white air forces flood the streets as they all line up to enter bars and coffee shops. The next morning you’ll bump into another hundred of them similarly dressed, on your way to classContinue reading “Life@UW-Madison (Anonymous 1)”

Life@UM – Narissa Hakim

Briefly introduce yourself (your name, current uni and course, scholarship if it applies to you etc)Hi there! I hope you’re doing well and keeping safe, wherever you are, at whatever time you’re reading this. Allow me to introduce myself- I’m Narissa, your typical 21 year old Malaysian: a passionate foodie who is still figuring lifeContinue reading “Life@UM – Narissa Hakim”