Biomedical Science Personal Statement

This Personal Statement was part of this student’s sucessful application to study Biology in Imperial College London, Natural Sciences in University College London and Durham University as well as Genetics in University of Edinburgh. What happens if chloroplasts are injected into your bloodstream? How can a human breathe underwater? What happens if you jump into aContinue reading “Biomedical Science Personal Statement”

Of Robes and Long Dining Tables, of Fireplaces and Scholars.

Image Source Besides being THE most prestigious university in the world, Cambridge has been my dream. A dream that never was. I mean, me? Surely, there must be more qualified candidates around the world. So there I was, scrolling through Cambridge’s entry requirements after receiving my AS Level results. Imagine my joy when I foundContinue reading “Of Robes and Long Dining Tables, of Fireplaces and Scholars.”

Biology Personal Statement

This personal statement helped her gain admissions to pursue Natural Sciences in University of Cambridge and Biology in Imperial College London. Infectious particles in blatant violation of the central dogma, propagating via a putative seeding-nucleation mechanism, in infectivity virus-like, yet in resistivity markedly dissimilar, prion proteins are fibrillary tangles of a confounding nature, arcane andContinue reading “Biology Personal Statement”