Biomedical Engineering/Natural Sciences Personal Statement

Ng Eu Keat is currently reading MEng in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London, and is graduating in 2022. This personal statement was part of his successful application to Imperial College London for┬áBiomedical Engineering, University College London for Natural Sciences and Biomedical Engineering as well as University of Bath for Natural Sciences. During my DoEContinue reading “Biomedical Engineering/Natural Sciences Personal Statement”

MyBrainSc Scholarship

Editor’s Note: Please be advised the the renditions of the MyBrainSc Scholarship from 2016 and the foreseeable future no longer sponsor students to overseas institution. However, the basic principles behind the application process for the scholarship highlighted in this article still apply.┬á Are you still scratching your head to look out more scholarships desperately onContinue reading “MyBrainSc Scholarship”

Biochemistry Personal Statement

This Personal Statement was part of this student’s successful application to study ┬áNatural Sciences at University of Cambridge and Biochemistry┬áat Imperial College London, University College London, University of Manchester and University of Edinburgh When I was nine, I saw my grandmother pass away in bed. I never really grasped the implications of the situation then.Continue reading “Biochemistry Personal Statement”

Biomedical Science Personal Statement

This Personal Statement was part of this student’s sucessful application to study┬áBiology in Imperial College London, Natural Sciences in University College London and Durham University as well as Genetics in University of Edinburgh. What happens if chloroplasts are injected into your bloodstream? How can a human breathe underwater? What happens if you jump into aContinue reading “Biomedical Science Personal Statement”

Natural Sciences in the University of Cambridge

Image Source Before you start reading about my experience, I do have a reminder. Personally, I think that some parts of my experience should be an example of what NOT to do throughout the application process, as opposed to what you SHOULD do or CAN do. CHOOSING A COURSE Many students have a problem decidingContinue reading “Natural Sciences in the University of Cambridge”