Pre-U Subject Choices for UK-Bound Students

Earlier this year, the Russell Group published their 2015/16 “Informed Choice” pamphlet, accompanied by a video, explaining the value and importance of taking facilitating subjects as a dominant part of a student’s Pre-U subject choices. These facilitating subjects, e.g. the sciences, history, maths, further maths, languages, English Literature and geography, as the lobbying group forContinue reading “Pre-U Subject Choices for UK-Bound Students”

Why PPE at Oxford? How do I prepare for it?

Q: Why did you apply to read PPE? In your opinion, what are the main differences between PPE offered in Oxford and other universities? Will it be a disadvantage for me if i do not have any portfolio, volunteering experiences, as well as knowledge on philosophy and economics? A: In my opinion, Philosophy is a big partContinue reading “Why PPE at Oxford? How do I prepare for it?”

Oxford PPE Application Part 2: Interview & Tests

Read Part 1 of the story HERE In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that I am privileged: with a nurturing environment, a family that encourages independence & unpopular opinions, a mother who is an educator, and a father who talks like a politician, mixing sense and nonsense with a poker face. (I kid,Continue reading “Oxford PPE Application Part 2: Interview & Tests”

Oxford PPE Application Part 1: UCAS

I’m Weiling from Port Dickson. I did A-levels at Inti International University, Nilai, and hold a conditional offer from Corpus Christi College, Oxford, to read PPE. PPE stands for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. I think my teachers, especially, are quite dismissive when I tell them I’m going to study a subject that isn’t hard scienceContinue reading “Oxford PPE Application Part 1: UCAS”