Life as a STPM (Physics-Chemistry) Student

‘Hello there!’ ‘Good morning Mdm. Nancy.’ ‘Good day to you sir.’ That was basically the routine for me, every single morning of my life whenever I bumped into a teacher or the principal. Pretty straightforward and ‘old-school’ I would say, however for me, it is a courtesy and doing so is my pleasure. Born andContinue reading “Life as a STPM (Physics-Chemistry) Student”

Pre-U Subject Choices for UK-Bound Students

Earlier this year, the Russell Group published their 2015/16 “Informed Choice” pamphlet, accompanied by a video, explaining the value and importance of taking facilitating subjects as a dominant part of a student’s Pre-U subject choices. These facilitating subjects, e.g. the sciences, history, maths, further maths, languages, English Literature and geography, as the lobbying group forContinue reading “Pre-U Subject Choices for UK-Bound Students”

A Coffee Enthusiast’s Application to Oxford for Physics

Applying to Oxford for Physics (Not my Dad’s) If you’re reading this, you just might possibly be considering the thought of maybe perhaps APPLYING FOR PHYSICS at Oxford. Do it. My dad (whose physics application advice is also on this website) and I are the only Malaysian physicists here and we’d love for you allContinue reading “A Coffee Enthusiast’s Application to Oxford for Physics”

My Journey to Oxford (Part 2)

Brian Khor will read Physics in the University of Oxford – the city of dreaming spires. Read Part 1 of this story here. Interviews The Specific Details of my Interviews 1st Oxford Physics Skype Interview (Conducted by Physics tutors from University College, Oxford) I applied to University College (informally known as ‘Univ’) at the UniversityContinue reading “My Journey to Oxford (Part 2)”

My Journey to Oxford (Part 1)

Brian Khor will read Physics in University of Oxford- the city of dreaming spires UCAS Personal Statement For my personal statement, I mainly wrote about my passion in Physics and what the aspects in physics that excite me are. I think the most important message for prospective applicants to include in their personal statements isContinue reading “My Journey to Oxford (Part 1)”