Yayasan Khazanah Global Scholarship Programme

Image Source First stage It was like any other scholarship application process. You are required to fill in personal details and also write an essay about how will you contribute back to Malaysia in the future. Second Stage You will be informed to log on into a system and answer the questions given within theContinue reading “Yayasan Khazanah Global Scholarship Programme”

BNM Kijang Scholarship (January Intake)

Image Source Ever thought of acquiring a scholarship from the Central Bank of Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia (henceforth referred to as BNM), that not only covers pre-university education but extends to degree level as well? Traditionally, BNM’s application only opens after the announcement of SPM results in the beginning of March. So it was asContinue reading “BNM Kijang Scholarship (January Intake)”

Maxis Scholarship

Image Source 1. How many stages were there in your scholarship assessment? 2 stages.  Before that, I submitted an online application. In the online application, I had to write about my ambitions and also there was a separate part called the Statement of Purpose which required me to describe my career aspirations and personal attributes that would helpContinue reading “Maxis Scholarship”

Yayasan UEM Overseas Scholarship

I am a Yayasan UEM scholar, currently studying A levels in Kolej Yayasan UEM and will be sponsored for my Undergraduate studies as well. This scholarship covers tuition fees, a laptop, accommodation and adequate living allowances. There are three stages in in Yayasan UEM Scholarship assessment. Online application – 2000 applicants This is just theContinue reading “Yayasan UEM Overseas Scholarship”

Petronas Scholarship

Overview of PESP PETRONAS offers two types of education sponsorships to Malaysia’s most outstanding students in the oil-and-gas-related field. The first type covers from pre-university programme up to undergraduate studies, and the second covers undergraduate studies only. These sponsorships are known as the PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Programme  (PESP). They are open for undergraduate programmes atContinue reading “Petronas Scholarship”

Bank Negara Kijang Emas Scholarship

Image Source Hello everyone! I’m Alicia, currently reading Law in the University of Cambridge. I was the first undergraduate student to receive the Kijang Emas scholarship from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), and I’ll be sharing my experiences with you today. First, a little bit about BNM and the scholarship itself! It’s the Malaysian central bank,Continue reading “Bank Negara Kijang Emas Scholarship”

Shell Scholarship

Shell runs a very attractive scholarship program. It’s open to applicants who want to pursue their studies in a variety of destinations, be it the US, UK or even Australia, and they do not have restrictions on the degrees they sponsor. Trust me, I applied with a weird non-engineering course and got accepted. This isContinue reading “Shell Scholarship”

Another Great Eastern Scholarship Application

For the uninformed, the Great Eastern Supremacy Scholarship is one of the leading education sponsorship awards in the local insurance industry scene. The scholarship program is opened for both overseas & local undergraduate programs, offering a specified quantum that covers tuition fees & living costs. For overseas applicants, only candidates applying for Actuarial Science andContinue reading “Another Great Eastern Scholarship Application”

Jeffrey Cheah Foundation-Sunway Group Scholarship

Image Source In 2013, Jeffrey Cheah Foundation and Sunway Group Joint Scholarship consisted of 4 stages in total. Upon submission of your application form, you will need to go through the following stages: Phone interview Individual interview and aptitude assessment Group assessment Final interview As this scholarship was offered for the first time in 2013,Continue reading “Jeffrey Cheah Foundation-Sunway Group Scholarship”

AMCHAM-MACEE Scholarship

Image Source Hi there! My name is Roumen Guha, and I am an 18-year-old Malaysian studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My intended major is electrical engineering, but mechanical and biomedical engineering are both fields that I am interested in as well. My graduating class will be the class of 2018, although I am tryingContinue reading “AMCHAM-MACEE Scholarship”