MyBrainSc Scholarship

Editor’s Note: Please be advised the the renditions of the MyBrainSc Scholarship from 2016 and the foreseeable future no longer sponsor students to overseas institution. However, the basic principles behind the application process for the scholarship highlighted in this article still apply.  Are you still scratching your head to look out more scholarships desperately onContinue reading “MyBrainSc Scholarship”

Actuarial Science/ Maths & Stats/ MORSE Personal Statement

Cedric Teoh is currently reading BSc in Actuarial Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). This personal statement was part of his successful application to the LSE and City University London (Actuarial Science), Imperial College London (Maths & Stats) and the University of Warwick (MORSE). I enjoy analytical subjects that requireContinue reading “Actuarial Science/ Maths & Stats/ MORSE Personal Statement”

Application to Cambridge for Mathematics

Image Source When people find out that you are planning to read Mathematics at university, they will usually give you funny looks and say, “Wow, you must love Maths very much!” or “Are you going to be a Maths teacher?” To all my fellow potential maths applicants out there, brace yourself, as this will beContinue reading “Application to Cambridge for Mathematics”

Cambridge Mathematics Application

Do you remember the last time you felt relaxed and went jolly after an examination? Happy, excited, overjoyed, free? I felt that way after my AS examinations – except that those feelings didn’t last very long. University applications came hurling at me and before I know it, I was checking entry requirements, keeping track ofContinue reading “Cambridge Mathematics Application”