Applying to Korean Universities

Applying to Korea (South Korea, of course) is slightly different from applying to the UK or the US. Luckily, Korea also has an online application system. In fact, they have three, but the one you are mostly likely to use is Uway. Uway is the sole online application system for most universities across the K-popContinue reading “Applying to Korean Universities”

How to get your UK Application started?

How to get started? Step 1: Discover what’s your future dream job and what’s the degree that will get you there Step 2: Research on which university meets your needs best (cost, duration, location, reputation, etc). Check the prerequisite qualification for your course. Minimum number of A’s, and number of subjects. The Law National AptitudeContinue reading “How to get your UK Application started?”

How To Write Successful US College Application Essays?

I have been asked to help proofread a few US college application essays.  I have a few things to say and would like to help spark your inspiration. 🙂 Of course, this is just my humble opinion. I am in no way a professional essay writer, a spy in the admissions office, or an expert psychologistContinue reading “How To Write Successful US College Application Essays?”

My Journey to Oxford (Part 2)

Brian Khor will read Physics in the University of Oxford – the city of dreaming spires. Read Part 1 of this story here. Interviews The Specific Details of my Interviews 1st Oxford Physics Skype Interview (Conducted by Physics tutors from University College, Oxford) I applied to University College (informally known as ‘Univ’) at the UniversityContinue reading “My Journey to Oxford (Part 2)”

Cambridge Mathematics Application

Do you remember the last time you felt relaxed and went jolly after an examination? Happy, excited, overjoyed, free? I felt that way after my AS examinations – except that those feelings didn’t last very long. University applications came hurling at me and before I know it, I was checking entry requirements, keeping track ofContinue reading “Cambridge Mathematics Application”

A Rough Guide to the Cambridge Application Process

Every year, more than 250 Malaysians apply to the University of Cambridge, each and every of them willing to sacrifice that one spot in their limited UCAS applications to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the world. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them and applications may seemContinue reading “A Rough Guide to the Cambridge Application Process”

Advice from the Cambridge Lawyer

Sharyn Wong holds an unconditional offer from University of Cambridge to read law. According to the official University of Cambridge brochure for applicants, ‘successful applicants achieve academic results in the top 1-2% of their year’. If I were you, a fresh-faced student secretly harbouring hopes of frolicking on the lush, green grass in Cambridge, IContinue reading “Advice from the Cambridge Lawyer”

UCL Psychology Application

Kai Xiang will be reading Psychology in University College London According to QS World University Ranking by subject, Psychology in University College London is ranked No. 9.  Kai Xiang is a proud offer holder to read Psychology in UCL.  Read about his application journey… The application process for psychology was not the toughest part. TheContinue reading “UCL Psychology Application”

Getting into UK Medical Schools

“How to get into UK medical schools?” I was recently asked this question by a junior of mine. Having gone through the application process not too long ago with the memories of endless sleepless nights spent to complete the application still vivid in my mind, I jokingly told her that she would have to firstContinue reading “Getting into UK Medical Schools”

My Journey to Oxford (Part 1)

Brian Khor will read Physics in University of Oxford- the city of dreaming spires UCAS Personal Statement For my personal statement, I mainly wrote about my passion in Physics and what the aspects in physics that excite me are. I think the most important message for prospective applicants to include in their personal statements isContinue reading “My Journey to Oxford (Part 1)”