Cambridge Engineering Application

Image Source Tell us a little bit about yourself.  I’m studying Engineering in the University of Cambridge under the JPA scholarship. In my free time I play the guitar (as an amateur), read, and help out with my school’s Christian Fellowship. I have no pet dragon. What was included in the application process to yourContinue reading “Cambridge Engineering Application”

Economics Personal Statement 2

Muhammad Azzam bin Mohd Yani is currently studying at the London School of Economics (2013-2016) under sponsorship from the Securities Commission. This Economics personal statement got him the opportunity to pursue Economics at other universities besides LSE including: University College London, University of Warwick, University of York and University of Exeter. Reading “Economics at crossroads” by Matt BishopContinue reading “Economics Personal Statement 2”

Mechanical Engineering at Oxford

Image Source Intro Hello! I am Chow Foo You from Kampar, Perak. I completed my A-levels at Taylor’s College Subang Jaya. With the aid of the JPA scholarship, I am pursuing Engineering Science at Magdalen College, University of Oxford this October. For your information, I chose a double Maths combination for my A-level course, andContinue reading “Mechanical Engineering at Oxford”

Penangite Guide to Studying Medicine at Cambridge

Image Source Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hello there, my name is Ming and I’m from Penang. I studied at The International School of Penang (Uplands) for my entire secondary school, ending with the International Baccalaureate for my sixth form studies. The next step is Cambridge, where I’ll read Medicine and graduate inContinue reading “Penangite Guide to Studying Medicine at Cambridge”

Of Robes and Long Dining Tables, of Fireplaces and Scholars.

Image Source Besides being THE most prestigious university in the world, Cambridge has been my dream. A dream that never was. I mean, me? Surely, there must be more qualified candidates around the world. So there I was, scrolling through Cambridge’s entry requirements after receiving my AS Level results. Imagine my joy when I foundContinue reading “Of Robes and Long Dining Tables, of Fireplaces and Scholars.”

Application to Cambridge for Mathematics

Image Source When people find out that you are planning to read Mathematics at university, they will usually give you funny looks and say, “Wow, you must love Maths very much!” or “Are you going to be a Maths teacher?” To all my fellow potential maths applicants out there, brace yourself, as this will beContinue reading “Application to Cambridge for Mathematics”

Choosing between UK and Australia

UK Universities vs Australian Universities? This wasn’t a very hard question for me. I made up my mind two years ago when I was choosing between scholarship offers from Petronas and KPM Bursary. I chose the UK, because I have been dreaming of studying in the UK since young. Plus, UK universities are more prestigiousContinue reading “Choosing between UK and Australia”

Veterinary Medicine Application

So… Veterinary medicine eh? Welcome! Welcome! Speaking from experience, I know how hard it is to find advice for veterinary medicine applicants in Malaysia. This is still a relatively new field in our country and many people remain unfamiliar with it. So to all you animal lovers out there, thank you for choosing this professionContinue reading “Veterinary Medicine Application”

Applying to Medicine in the UK

Image Source Hello! I’m Jane Fang, a National Scholar who did my A-levels in KYUEM. I applied to University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, University of Cardiff and University of Cambridge for Medicine, and to University College London for Biological Sciences. I am very grateful to say that I got offers from all of theContinue reading “Applying to Medicine in the UK”

Applying to Pharmacy in the UK

1. How did you write your personal statement?   Instead of trying to emphasise on WHAT I have that will allow me to cope with studying Pharmacy, I wrote more on WHY I want to study that particular programme. I think that made my personal statement stand out compared with the rest of the applicants,Continue reading “Applying to Pharmacy in the UK”